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Caregiving Youth Project - Non-Profit Affiliations with AACY


Caregiving Youth Project: Non-Profit Affiliations with AACY

The Caregiving Youth Project began in Palm Beach County, FL at Boca Raton Community Middle School located in Boca Raton in 2006. It identifies, recognizes and supports middle school students who are caring for ill, injured, elderly or disabled family members. From its inception, it has worked to integrate systems of healthcare, education and the community (body, mind and spirit) in order to form a firm foundation from which to deliver a comprehensive support system. The youth caregiver is our client and strengthening the family can reduce the burden on the child. The issues that caregiving youth face are beyond the purview of any one system. The Project's variety of needs-driven solutions and focused services are delivered in-school, out-of-school and at home. Examples of each include: In-school caregiver identification process, 6-8 week skills building/support groups, lunch and learn sessions throughout the year; Out-of-school Camp Treasure or Reunion Camp, fishing trip, YMCA-wellness day, Holiday Celebration; and At home consultation by a social worker with community linkages, tutoring/mentoring with community volunteers, and respite.

While we would like for all of our affiliates to be able to replicate the Caregiving Youth Project in its entirety, we realize that it is not always practical. All affiliates participate in reaching, supporting and strengthening caregiving youth so they can achieve success in school and in life. We have developed three types of affiliations with the American Association of Caregiving Youth that embody our organization’s values:

  1. Represents strength, love, energy, the heart of our work and it implements all foundational aspects of the Project utilizing a collaboration between healthcare, education and community partners and delivering services in-school, out-of-school and at home.

  2. Represents growth, renewal, harmony and it implements collaboration between at least two of the foundation systems and delivers support services through at least two of the categories.

  3. Represents importance, peace, steadfastness and its implementation focuses on the core of the Project - caregiving youth with specific services delivered to the youth through any one of the foundational systems.


Our first Caregiving Youth Institute Conference will be held on April 23, 2015 to educate healthcare professionals, educators, community professionals and legislators on the issues surrounding caregiving youth. http://cgyinstitute.org/events.html 



AACY recognizes that just as caregiving youth and their families have individual needs, so do its non-profit affiliates.

The following services are included in the modest annual affiliation fee:



Start-Up Assistance


-Initial consultation and determination of synergy between AACY and the non-profit;

-Presentations to community stakeholders;

-Review of affiliate grant proposals and related activities designed for development of the non-profit’s Caregiving Youth Project;

-Skills Building/Support Group proprietary curriculum, evaluation and handouts;

-Camp Treasure, Continuing Care and Bereavement Transition handouts for caregiving youth;

-Communication with AACY staff to troubleshoot and/or provide recommendations to affiliate regarding specific client and/or development issues;

-Bi-annual review of progress and recommendations for process improvement.



Ongoing Assistance


-Use of AACY logo and the terms “in affiliation with” in the creation and printing of marketing collateral with the written approval of AACY in advance of printing;

-Utilization of the AACY toll free number and answering services for the non-profit clients and family, including referrals to the non-profit;

-E-distribution of “Treasure Talk” to clients and stakeholders of the non-profit as provided to AACY by the non-profit along with permission to use a print version for distribution by the non-profit to clients and stakeholders without email access;

-Monthly attendance via telephone at AACY team meetings;

-Attendance at AACY sponsored events;

-Introduction to media, research and publishing opportunities as they arise;

-Posting of AACY approved information about the non-profit on the AACY web site with links to local resources as supplied to AACY by the non-profit that will appear under the category of “Affiliates” at www.aacy.org

Additional services may be available for a fee or expense reimbursement. These services include but are not limited to data entry and analysis to determine the caregiving youth Level of Responsibility for eligibility and prioritization of youth and staff education.


Ann FaraoneThe Director of Educational Services, Ann Faraone, EdD is available to support affiliates with strategies to remove the barriers to education for caregiving youth.

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