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Sylvan HurewitzSylvan Hurewitz, MD is from Havertown, PA and will soon make his permanent residence in Palm Beach County. He is a Board-Certified Internist and has a broad background in medicine as both a solo practitioner and as a member of group practices. He has served as the Medical Director of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca’s Clinical Pharmacology Unit, and has provided scientific expertise in the safety evaluation and risk management of GlaxoSmithKline products, as well as consulting to other health-related entities. Dr. Hurewitz was educated at Temple University and stayed in the Philadelphia area to practice. His numerous presentations and publications primarily center around the clinical management of HIV and AIDS. In addition to serving on the AACY Board, Dr. Hurewitz plans to participate in M.A.C.Y. as a mentor for a caregiving youth. 

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