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"Caregiving Counts,"
by Connie Siskowski
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"Caregiving Youth in Largo Middle and High Schools Largo, Florida "
by Connie Siskowski"

“Children who care for their parents: the impact of disability on young lives.”
Pakenham, K. I. (2009).
In Marshall , C.A. , Kendall , E., Banks, M., & Gover, R.M.S. (Eds.) Disability: Insights From Across Fields and Around the World, Vol II, (pp. 39-60). Westport , CT : Praeger Press.

"Combining the analyses of three qualitative data sets in studying young caregivers."
Gates, M.F. & Lackey, N.R. (1997).
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 26 664-671.

"Family Caregiving 101"
by Connie Siskowski
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"From Their Eyes…
Family Health Situations
Influence Students' Learning and Lives In
Palm Beach County, Grades 6-12"
by Connie Siskowski
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"Impact of Family Caregiving by Youth on Their Psychological Well-Being: A Latent Trait Analysis"
Donna Cohen, Jennifer A. Greene, Peter A. Toyinbo and Constance T. Siskowski
The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research
Volume 39, Number 3 (2012), 245-256, DOI: 10.1007/s11414-011-9264-9
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Invisible Family Heroes
by Connie Siskowski
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"Latino Young Caregivers in the United States: Who are they and what are the Academic Implications of this Role?"
Diaz, N.; Siskowski, C.; Connors, L. (2007).
Child Youth Care Forum, 36:131–140.

"Levels of Responsibility "
by Connie Siskowski
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National Alliance for Caregiving Report of Findings -- Young Caregivers in the U.S.
September 2005
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Mini-Conference on the Future of Caregiving
June 15, 2005 Final Report and Recommendations
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“Recognition and assessment of caregiving youth in hospice and home healthcare.”
Home Healthcare Nurse. 25(7), 433-438.
Siskowski, C. , Diaz, N., Connors, L., Mize, N. (2007).


“Relations between social support, appraisal and coping and both positive and negative outcomes for children of a parent with MS and comparisons with children of healthy parents”,
Pakenham, K. I., & Bursnall, S. (2006)
Clinical Rehabilitation, 20, 709-723.

“Relations between social support, appraisal and coping and both positive and negative outcomes in young carers.”
Pakenham, K. I., Chiu, J., Bursnall, S., & Cannon, T. (2007).
Journal of Health Psychology, 12, 89-102.

“Resilience in children of parents with mental illness: relations between mental health literacy, social connectedness and coping, and both adjustment and caregiving”,
Fraser, E., & Pakenham, K. I. (2009).
Psychology, Health and Medicine, 14, 573-584.

"The Internet and Social Media: A Curse on Our Kids? Not if They are Caregiving Kids"
Barquet, Nelson
Ezine Articles, April 15, 2011
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“The nature of young caregiving in families experiencing chronic illness/disability”
Ireland , M., & Pakenham, K. I. (2010)
Development of the Youth Activities of Caregiving Scale (YACS), Psychology and Health, 25, 713-731.

“The psychosocial impact of caregiving on young people who have a parent with an illness or disability: comparisons between young caregivers and non-caregivers.”
Pakenham, K. I., Bursnall, S., Chiu, J., Cannon, T., & Okochi,M. (2006).
Rehabilitation Psychology, 51, 113-126.

“Youth adjustment to parental illness or disability: The role of illness characteristics, caregiving, and attachment”.


Ireland , M. & Pakenham, K.I. (In press, accepted 25/05/10).Psychology, Health and Medicine.


"Youth as Family Caregivers"
by Connie Siskowski
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“Young caregivers: Effect of family health situations on school performance.”
Journal of School Nursing, 3(3), 163-169.
Siskowski, C. (2006).

"Young caregivers in the U.S."
National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) & The United Hospital Fund. (2005).
Washington, D.C. Author.

Youngsters caring for adults with cancer."
Gates, M. F. & Lackey, N. R. (1998). "
Image: The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 30(1), 11-15.

International Publications

“All Work and no Play? Understanding the Needs of Children with Caring Responsibilities”
Aldridge, Jo (2008)
Children and Society, Volume 22, (2008), pp253-264
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Daughters of mothers with Multiple Sclerosis: Their experiences of play
Alison Jill Jonzon (2010)
University of Alberta thesis.
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“Evaluation of an intensive psychosocial intervention for children of parents with Multiple Sclerosis.”
Coles, A. R., Pakenham, K. I., Leech, C. (2007).
Rehabilitation Psychology, 52(2), 133-142.

“Evaluation of a resilience-based intervention for children of parents with mental illness.”
Fraser, E., & Pakenham, K. I. (2008).
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 42, 1041-1050.

"Getting it right for young carers in the ACT."
Gays, M. (2000).
7th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Sydney, July 24-26, 2000.

Global Perspectives on Children's Unpaid Caregiving in the Family: Research and Policy on
'Young Carers' in the UK, Australia, the USA and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Global Social Policy, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 23-50.
Becker, S. (2007).
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International Young Carers Manual
Joanne Pollard, WAAMH (Western Australian Association Mental Health)
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"Literature review of identification, needs and assessment and service provision for young carers and their families."
Banks, P., Gallagher, E., Nill, M,. & Riddell, S. (2002).
Centre for the Child and Society and Strathclyde Centre for Disability, Research University of Glasgow.

Manual for Measures of Caring Activities and Outcomes for Children and Young People
Stephen Joseph, Fiona Becker, and Saul Becker
London, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
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"Northern Ireland young carers."
Tatum, C. (1999).
Journal of Young Carers Work, 2, 26-27.

"School-age caregivers: Perceptions of school nurses working in Central England."
McClure, L. (2001).
Journal of School Nursing, 17(2), 76-82.

"The physical effects of caring on children."
Hill, S. (1999).
Journal of Young Carers Work, 3, 6-7.

"Too much to take on--A report on young carers and bullying."
Princess Royal Trust for Carers. (1999).
London: Author.

"Unseen and unheard: The invisible young carers."
Baker, G. (2002).
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. London.

“'We are no longer called clubmembers but caregivers':  Involving youth in HIV and AIDS caregiving in rural Zambia ”
E.Esu-Williams, K.D.Schenk, S.Geibe, J.Motsepe, A.Zulu. P.Bweupe, & E.Weiss
AIDS Care, November 2006; 18(8): 884-894
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“We’re all in it together: supporting young carers and their families in Australia ”
Tim Moore and Morag McArthur
Health and Social Care in the Community (2007) 15(6), 561–568
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“Where are the carers in healthcare law and ethics? ”
Jonathan Herring
Legal Studies, Vol. 27 No. 1, March 2007, pp. 51–73
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"Working with young carers in the United Kingdom."
Ryan, A. & Fox, A. (2003). Princess Royal Trust for Carers, London and Leeds, United Kingdom.

"Young Carers in Canada
The Hidden Costs and Benefits of Young Caregiving"
2012, The Vanier Institute of the Family.
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"Young carers in the U.K. the 2004 report."
Dearden, C. & Becker. S. (2004).
Carers National Association, London.

"Young carers research project final report."
Carers Australia. (2001).
Commonwealth Department of Family and Commnity Services. Author.

"In on the act?"
Carers National Association (CNA). (1997).
London: Author.

“YOUNG CARERS: USEFUL READING” (revised January 2007)
Becker, S.
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