Caregiving Youth Project


Youth Caregiving at Home

Joanne’s mom has Type I diabetes and has had an arm and 5 toes amputated. She is also losing her eye sight. Joanne helps her mom daily, goes to school and works. AACY has helped Joanne with support for college preparation, and mom with respite care.
Jonathan is assisting his mom who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the restroom. He cares for three family members while his dad works two jobs. Also, Jonathan's brother has had 8 brain surgeries on his skull to allow his brain to grow. His family recently moved in with his grandmother, she has pre-dementia. Jonathan is the main caregiver in the home while going to school. He loves high school football, however has been sidelined after a shoulder injury.
Alejandro also cares for multiple family members. He helps his brother who has a rare disease causing his bones to break easily and he also helps care for his older brother who is developmentally delayed. His father had 40 percent of his pancreas removed due to pancreatic cancer.
Kadniel’s grandmother was from outside of the US and had no insurance.  Her lung capacity was 40% so she needed continuous oxygen.  The CYP team reached to a partner who provided an oxygen concentrator so grandma could breathe and live.