8th Annual Golf Challange

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In these extraordinary times, the children at risk have once again been the hardest hit by the many ills that are the byproduct of COVID-19. The Coronavirus has accentuated their need for minimum life services like food, housing, bedding, education, and safety. We turn to you to help us generate monies that will aid the youth in our program!


That is why AACY has partnered with The Boca West Children's Foundation and the Children's Foundation of Palm Beach County for their 8th Annual $100,000 Golf Challenge on Monday, November 9th at the Boca West Country Club, honoring first responders and front line workers during COVID-19.


The majority of the money raised for this event will be returned to AACY so that we may continue to make a meaningful impact on caregiving youths' lives. Thank you for your support!


8th Annual Golf Challenge

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